Here are 12 reasons to love plantation shutters:

  • Light!  They let in more light than other window coverings.
  • Dark!  They keep light out when closed.
  • No cords or strings to tangle!  Yay!
  • No lopsided blinds- Hooray!
  • Windows look dressed, even if you do not have window treatments.  Elegant always!
  • Energy efficiency!  They keep out the heat/cold.  If you keep them shut (which I seldom do) they keep a lot of the hot or cold out, only decreasing your utility bills
  • Increase home value.
  • Easy to clean.
  • When the windows are open, the wind does not blow blinds all over the place
  • They look really fancy from the outside and dress your home up
  • Nice clean trim around the windows
  • Elegant and timeless to any home, old or new.

​​Simply Shutters

The added sophistication and character that plantation shutters offer, plus the equity it brings makes them something to seriously consider when you are ready to change the look of your home with its window décor.

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